The Palm Springs Neil Diamond Tribute Show by Rob Garrett

Rob Garrett has performed in Palm Springs California as Neil Diamond for many years. He has received numerous awards over the years for his tribute to Diamond. In 2013 he was awarded “Male Tribute Artist of the Year” in Las Vegas, NV. Rob has performed his show at more venues in Las Vegas than any other celebrity tribute artist in the industry.
Neil Diamond and Rob Garrett were both born in Brooklyn, NY. In 1974, Garrett moved from New York City to Las Vegas, Nevada.
In 1980 Rob formed the group Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven and for 15 years achieved prominence as the leader and front man of one of the city’s premiere oldies and classic rock groups. Today Rob spends much of his time traveling between Palm Springs and Las Vegas to perform at sold out Casinos Shows, Corporate Events, Concerts and Fundraising Events. Rob also travels the USA and in high demand in other countries as well. Be sure to see him the next time he performs in Palm Springs, California.

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🌴 Celebrate the Iconic Sounds of Neil Diamond with Rob Garrett in Palm Springs! 🎤

Get ready for a spectacular night under the starry Palm Springs sky as Rob Garrett, the incomparable Neil Diamond tribute artist, takes center stage to bring the magic of Diamond’s timeless hits to life. Prepare to be mesmerized by the authenticity and passion of Rob Garrett as he channels the legendary Neil Diamond in a show that promises to be an unforgettable experience!

🎵 A Journey Through Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits

Experience the nostalgia of Neil Diamond’s chart-topping classics as Rob Garrett pays homage to the musical genius behind “Sweet Caroline,” “Cracklin’ Rosie,” and “Cherry, Cherry.” Garrett’s uncanny ability to capture the essence of Diamond’s voice and stage presence will transport you back to an era when music spoke to the heart and soul.

🌟 Rob Garrett: The King of Diamonds

Known as the “King of Diamonds,” Rob Garrett is not just a tribute artist; he is a true aficionado of Neil Diamond’s artistry. With a career spanning decades and performances that have wowed audiences worldwide, Garrett has mastered the nuances of Diamond’s vocals and stage charisma, making him the premier choice for an authentic tribute experience.

🎸 Live Band, Unforgettable Atmosphere

Feel the rhythm, hear the strumming of guitars, and immerse yourself in the live sound of Rob Garrett’s accompanying band. The synergy between Garrett and his talented musicians creates an atmosphere that mirrors the energy of a genuine Neil Diamond concert. It’s not just a performance; it’s a celebration of the music that has touched hearts for generations.

🌅 Palm Springs: The Perfect Setting

What better way to experience the magic of Neil Diamond than against the stunning backdrop of Palm Springs? The outdoor venue offers a unique and enchanting atmosphere, combining the nostalgia of classic hits with the beauty of the California desert. Make it a night to remember in this picturesque setting.

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Whether you’re a die-hard Neil Diamond fan or discovering the magic for the first time, Rob Garrett’s tribute show promises an evening of joy, nostalgia, and musical brilliance. Join us for an unforgettable night celebrating the le

Palms Springs #1 Neil Diamond Tribute Show