King of Diamonds – Neil Diamond Tribute Show

Neil Diamond has sold over 140 million records and is one of biggest selling artists in music history.
In early 2018, Diamond announced his retirement from performing due to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
However, Neil Diamond’s live performance legacy continues to be preserved for audiences all over the world through longtime Las Vegas performer, Rob Garrett, who has been called “the best of the best” when it comes to tribute acts.
Like his legendary counterpart, Garrett was born in Brooklyn, NY.
In 1974 his family moved him from New York City to Las Vegas where he later saw Diamond live when he made his attendance breaking Las Vegas debut for the opening of the Aladdin Hotel’s “Theater for the Performing Arts” (now Zappos Theater) in July of 1976.
Garrett went on the see Diamond yet another 16 times – right up to his last concert in the USA.
In 1980, he formed his own band, “Rock n Roll Heaven”, and had a very successful 15-year run in Las Vegas and around the country, before deciding to make the transition from being the front man of a cover band to a tribute artist of one of his all-time boyhood, musical idols.
In 1995, Garrett was personally hired by Paul Revere (leader/founder of “the Raiders”) to portray Neil Diamond in the “Legends In Concert” show in Honolulu, Hawaii, the city’s biggest theatrical show and the world’s most popular celebrity impersonator review. What was to be a two-month ‘trial” engagement for Garrett ended up being a three-year run.
In August of 1998, Garrett returned home to Las Vegas and continued to perform intermittently with “Legends” for another 2 years before deciding to go off on his own and create his own Neil Diamond tribute show. Since then, he has maintained a steady tour schedule while accumulating a large, loyal, following along the way to whom he is known worldwide as the ‘’King of Diamonds”.
In January of 2022, Garrett performed his biggest show ever in Las Vegas, at the M Resort & Casino, performing to over 1700 paid attendees with a 17-piece orchestra/rhythm section backing him up.
He continues to consistently performs to sold out venues – many of which are usually reserved for national acts. He has also received numerous awards over the years including “Male Tribute Artist of the Year”.
As he enters his 28th year paying tribute to the now retired Diamond, it has been said that arguably no other tribute act is as identified with the artist he or she emulates more so than Garrett – who has performed his show at more venues in Las Vegas than any other tribute artist.
What makes Rob Garrett the best in the business is his passion, dedication, and reverence for Diamond’s prolific library of music, and how he believes the legacy of one of popular music’s most beloved icons should be remembered.
“Since he announced his retirement, I absolutely feel more of a sense of obligation when performing my show, a good obligation, but still an obligation for me,” he said.
To me, it’s something I never get tired of doing and I have every intention of keeping his legacy going. There’s a lot of people that never got the opportunity to see him live and wish they had, so I’m going to do my best to channel the best of Neil’s concert performances and make sure all those in attendance have the best time of their lives! Neil would not want it any other way.”
Show nights will be Monday & Tuesday at 9 PM and Wednesday & Thursday at 7:00 PM in the Pegasus Showroom.

For ticket info, call (702) 483-8056 or

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Neil Diamond the Tribute Show with Rob Garrett