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Hey everyone, so far 2022 has been a year of firsts, beginning on an extreme high note with my show at the M Resort Pavilion here in Vegas, where we somehow managed to pack in approx.1800 people (in the midst of a Covid spike) this past Jan. 8th, backed by a 17-piece orchestra that I personally got to handpick. Next comes, not just one, but TWO other firsts… For those who may or may not know, I have lived in Las Vegas since 1974 and have been performing here as a profession since 1980. I began performing my tribute to ‘Neil Diamond’ with Legends in Concert in 1995 and since going off on my own, have performed at just about every casino here in town – with the exception of some of the newer ones that have opened up in the last 2+ years. Being that I have always resided on the Northwest side of town, I distinctly remember Arizona Charlie’s (on Decatur right between Charleston and Alta) opening their doors in April of 1988. Before then, there was a bowling alley at that location and inside for a short time, there was a nightclub called ‘Victoria’s’, where me and my band, “Rock n Roll Heaven”, would perform at from time to time in 1980 and 1981 (coincidentally our first two years together). About a month ago, I was asked by some of the exec’s if I would perform at their casino on the last day of their annual anniversary celebration – April 30th. Since the room barely seats 200 people, we made the decision to do, not one but TWO 2-hour shows – which is something I have never undertaken before. Hence the 2 “firsts”… performing at Arizona Charlie’s AND performing two 2-hour shows. Therefore, on April 30th, we will be turning the renovated “Naughty Ladies Saloon” into the Naughty Ladies SHOWROOM and to top it off, get this… because it is the casino’s 34th anniversary, admission for either show will be FREE on a first come, first serve, seating basis. In keeping with the tradition of vintage Vegas, there will be an early show at 5:00 PM and a late(r) show at 8:00 PM.(remember those days?). I wish I could tell you to call and make reservations or purchase your tickets, but all that’s required for you to do is show up and grab a good seat before someone else does. Actually, since the room seats under 200, there really are no bad seats in the house. With me will be the key members of my “Pretty Amazing Band”… Steve Gerard Borzage (keys), Daryl Slade (bass/vocals), Pat Caruso (drums), Steve Henley (guitar/vocals), Mark Stephen Gendel (guitar), and the lovely Llynda More (vocals). So feel “FREE” to come celebrate the 34th anniversary of Arizona Charlie’s with us on April 30th. For more information, click/tap here: https://facebook.com/events/s/neil-diamond-the-tribute-starr/501854034787817/