American Trilogy Alive Concert 

Prepare your phones, computers, tablets, and TV’s… Vegas’s most anticipated ‘live’ event actually gives you a reason to stay home since you cannot come to us…
With Las Vegas (and other parts of the world) in a virtual ‘lockdown’ due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, Frank Sinatra (Chris Jason) Elvis Presley (Justin Shandor), and Neil Diamond (Rob Garrett), unite once again, this time to perform their first ever live global podcast. However this time around the guys pull out all the stops by inviting their mutual friend, Barbra Streisand (Sharon Owens), to join them on stage to help lift people’s spirits through the healing power and universal language of music.
The show, dedicated to all health care workers and first responders, will broadcast from Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5th at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST (4:00 PM/7:00 PM pre-show) and will rebroadcast the following day for fans overseas.

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